Sadness and happiness simultaneously. Not sure what is up, but my YSlow grade has already dropped to 82 with only a few posts added some teeny CSS modifications and the addition of two plugins. Disappointing to see that happen so quickly, but I suppose it’s also an opportunity to do exactly what I’ve set out to-do with this install.

UPDATE. False alarm, Firefox or maybe Firebug was temporarily deciding to count some images from Feedly or some other weirdness into my score. I’m still at 92. Which is where I started off at. Maybe just to feel better I’ll go tweak my ETags which are currently not accounting for CSS. Then that’s it for tonight. My poor eyes are ouchy. I desperately need a new prescription or a couple months off from screen time.

UPDATE 2: Found a nice post that talks a bit about the particulars of some htaccess settings and WordPress (including some Media Temple hosting specifics) at

I’ve implemented the suggested config and have bumped my YSlow up to 95 JIT for bed. Goodnight nerds.