unroll.me provides a service to help users manage subscription e-mail. I signed up over the weekend and was able to take over 270 subscriptions and assign them to three categories; unsubscribe, keep as is and add to my “rollup”. For the rollup, unroll.me takes all your opt-in subscriptions and compiles them into a newsletter format that arrives in your inbox at whatever time you schedule.

I unsubscribed from a bunch of high volume lists and left things like my bank balance alerts and utility bills untouched.

In just a few days it’s been very effective in reducing the volume of mail I get in my Gmail account. I get the rollup email in the morning. It’s really nice to have all the promotions mails, magazine subs and other non-essential email come in as a single message instead of a pile of unread messages.

Adoption of unroll.me is growing. To highlight their accomplishments for 2013, unroll.me created an awards list the compiles data from the unroll.me user base for Most Unsubscribed, Most Rolled Up and Most Popular subscriptions.

The biggest losers are;
1800 Flowers — 52.50% unsubscribe rate
Ticketweb — 47.50% unsubscribe rate
Pro Flowers — 45.10% unsubscribe rate
Expedia — 45.00% unsubscribe rate
Active.com — 44.70% unsubscribe rate

Might be instructive (or perhaps a new biz opportunity?) to have a look at how those companies are handling email marketing.

Check out the full list here: