Planning, Server Setup, Design, Coding, Content Authoring. Not necessarily in that sequence. Rinse and repeat as needed.

(note to self. after typing for few minutes I realize this should be a nested list. fix that later, just get the list out before you start forgetting things in your current buffer. okay. thanks.)

– Add Road Map to Site – Completed 7/1/2010
– Determine High Level Activities – Completed 7/1/2010

Server Setup
– Add SEO plugin Completed 7/14/2010 (donated $)
– Add XML site map plugin Completed 7/1/2010 (donated $)
Added Arne Brachold’s well-built XML Sitemap Generator for WordPress 3.2.4.
– Implement content syndication
— WP to Linkedin (added plugin to linkedin account 7/12/2010ish)
— Blog to Twitter
— Twitter to Facebook
— Twitter to LinkedIn
3. Short URL
– Short domain?

– Later

– Later

Content Authoring
– Blog Building Posts (as pieces are implemented)
– Autobiography pages
Lately I’ve been feeling like my longevity at VSA has robbed me of the intense self-analysis that can come when a job search begins. I’ve never had to suffer being laid off or fired in all the years I’ve been working so I haven’t ever had the visceral shock that particular experience can deliver. I have however found myself looking for a change in my life and have always found that starting with a resumé or career autobiography is a good way to shake some dust off.

– Observation and Analysis – Third-Party and Personal/Work-Related
Really have some interest in how some sites and content creators out there are changing. As a runner and gym junkie, I’m particularly interested to see the transformation of the Rodale sites for Men’s Health and Runner’s World.

I want to try to look at my own work and consider things I’d do differently or in the future to improve the quality of the deliverables we I oversee.