Och. Had to post a review on iTunes tonight to balance out all the crybabies.

I am so happy to see that Men’s Health and Runner’s World are not laying on a bunch of overblown interactive gewgaws and are instead focusing on enhancing their content in subtle, platform appropriate ways.

I really appreciate the direction the magazine is taking on this platform. I will say that the price is right over the line on what I’d comfortably pay on a monthly basis. I do understand that the iPad and other devices for rich content delivery represent a whole new game for content publishers. Yes, we’re in a transitional phase in the industry and it may take a little while for a viable, sustainable revenue model that enables Rodale to continue to produce fantastic content to shake out. It’s no different than what the video and music industries have been struggling with.

For now, if 4.99 an issue is really what it takes then I say keep up the great work, but if you could swing something closer to 3 or maybe give the print subscribers a break to ease our transition, that would be helpful. Maybe drop the price on back issues to .99?