As usual, I’m starting off the year unable to focus. I have high hopes for getting to know some HTML editing tools on the iPad to enable me to do some coding while on my commute. Those hopes have been dashed by my newly rekindled love of RSS and Twitter thanks in large part to the App Reeder. I’ve been waiting for a mobile version Of Feedly to arrive for a while now. I love having Google Reader as my central content source, and have been really happy with Feedly. Stubbornly, i haven’t even looked at any other tool for feeds on the iPad until a number of forum posts re: Feedly recommended Reeder. Now, I’m hooked. 

The UI is pretty standard fare, but good standard fare. It’s unobtrusive and easy to use, as any UI (mobile in particular) should be. It’s fast and given a decent 3G connection pretty responsive at loading articles.