Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 7.31.27 PMGame Day Monitor is a fun side project I’ve been working on with Eric Bryning who is the volunteer coordinator for our AYSO region here in Oak Park. Eric asked me for help prototyping an application to capture feedback from AYSO games.

It’s a simple form that volunteer monitors can use to submit reports to help gather data about the behavior of parents, coaches and referees at the games. The core values of AYSO are focused on providing a fun, family environment to help instill a love for the game into kids, whether they are brand new to the game or well on their way to a lifetime of playing. I’m glad to be helping with this project because it will help make it easier for the volunteers that keep the league running to gather data and to identify problems with poor sportsmanship or bad parent behavior. It’s a bummer that this thing even needs to exist, but I’m always pleased when I can make a useful tool from what was a email-based or word-of-mouth reporting. Moving forward the league will be able to collect data in a database that they will be able to use more effectively.

We’re starting very simply with a release for the spring season and as we gather data, we’ll start to layer on user management and reporting as needed. I started the project by wireframing the site out in Web Flow. As I’d hoped, by doing the initial design work in Web Flow, I ended up with a responsive prototype that didn’t take much more work beyond wiring up the PHP for the data storage and laying on some CSS to style the form controls. All told, I was able to get a viable tool ready with an evening’s work.