I’m getting things going with fundraising for my Chicago Marathon team and I want to do something more than just ask for money. To that end, I’m going to offer a couple things a la Kickstarter-type premiums. One is an par-tay in the awesome Crawford-Langenberg Garage Darts and Beer Emporium, and the other is putting my mad DJ music curation skills to work for you.

Beer and Darty Party
The event is going to be a craft beer & darts party in our garage at our home in Oak Park on Saturday June 17th. This is a reprise of a fundraiser we hosted for Irving School a couple of summers ago that was super fun. I’ll provide a selection of beers and food (homemade bbq sliders and a nacho bar). We’ll play as much darts as we can manage before the beer drinking compromises safety.

If you would like to attend, please send me a donation of $25 per person (or more if you like❤️) by visiting my fundraising page at the link below:


Mix Tape
Okay. Not actually a Mix Tape. I’m just old and continue to call what are playlists mix tapes.

Two  levels here.

  1. Actual Mixed Playlist: For a contribution of $20, I will curate a playlist personalized for you and will make a 60 minute continuous play mix for you which I will deliver to you on a real live actual compact disc. I will also give you a link to the unmixed source Spotify playlist.
  2. Spotify Playlist: For a contribution of $10, I will curate ~60 minute Spotify playlist personalized for you.

If you want an idea of what I listen to, you can find me on Spotify at mattienodj. My most recent playlist is at https://play.spotify.com/user/mattienodj/playlist/2U6B14ZkjTBrbSivSelxa8