Tonight I headed out for a run to makeup for missing the gym at lunch and stress-eating way too many snacks during the day. I got out a little later than I’d intended, but wanted to get at least a 5k in without being out past my usual chillaxin time. I decided to torch it. This usually is a recipe for major bonkage at right about the halfway point. I can push my pace no problem in the late morning, on an empty stomach. Most of my short distance PRs have been set under those very circumstances.

Night runs for me are usually post dinner which never works for me, but I managed to keep my plate light tonight, knowing that I intended to run. As a result, I was able to get a pretty sweet run in despite being outside my comfort zone. Well outside, considering I left the ipod and the Nike+ in my pack and opted for cicadas, the steady rhythm of my breath and the pounding of my heart in my ears and my feet on the pavement.

I managed 3.3 miles in 31 minutes which is right around a 9:24 mile. A little over my 5K PR pace, but all-in-all, a fairy casual Tuesday evening run that ended up feeling pretty damn effortless even in the heat, which I’m kinda hatin’ these days, even after a 13.1 mile training run Sunday morning. As with every little achievement like this now, I can’t help but think that maybe this whole 26.2 thing might be actually be possible. Clearly the training is doing something to my body.

Anyhoo. Seems like a good enough reason to add another of my intended categories to the blog. I suppose I could have used Soccer first given all that has transpired over the past few weeks, but somethings are more important than blogging even if your precious Oranje do end up losing. Arsenal preseason starts next week though, so I don’t expect the footie blogging to be too far off.

Beyond that, maybe some parenting stuff, some eco-rants and other stuff to keep my writing and coding skills rust-free.