I’ve been working my way back from injury over the last year. At the start, it was pretty disheartening to realize how much fitness I’ve lost. I went almost all of 2016 just kind of dragging ass and not working out nearly enough. At the beginning of December, I just kinda got pissed at myself and decided I needed to get serious. I stopped drinking beer, started counting 1500 calories a day and training in earnest. I’ve been doing a ton of heartrate training to really zero in on fat burning and building strength and endurance. The first 6 weeks have been really successful.

I’m loving heart rate training with my MYZONE monitor. It is really working well for me.

The chart below┬áis 6 miles at just under an hour. I’ve been working up to this with a lot of interval training. Basically, running about 10min/mile pace on the treadmill and then speeding up til I get into 90% of my max HR, then backing off down to 65% and repeating. I’ll pause at 60 minutes now and try to get my speed up while maintaining this nice yellow graph and some runs at this pace trying to get more of the graph down into the green. I really like being my own science experiment. It’s fun.