At the beginning of December, I decided I needed some goals. A marathon is a pretty good goal in and of itself, but I wanted to do fundraising this time around. Yes, partly to avoid the damn lottery, but mostly because I like adding fundraising goals on top of distance goals. Opportunity presented itself in the form of an invite to run with the Chicago Coalition for the Homeless’ Team to End Homelessness.

So. Now not only do I have a running goal. I have a great charity to fundraise for, and I get to do it with friends and neighbors. This will be my 4th time training for the race and, body willing, my 3rd time running. It will be my first time ever running a marathon as part of a charity team.

I’m excited to be a part of the Team to End Homelessness, and to support the Chicago Coalition for the Homeless (CCH). They are the only non-profit in Illinois dedicated to advocating for public policies that effect positive change toward reducing homelessness in our city. Their organization leads strategic campaigns, community outreach, and public policy initiatives that target the lack of affordable housing in metropolitan Chicago and across Illinois.

There are over 100,000 people homeless in Chicago and over 18,000 are children. Of these children over 10,000 are on their own, alone. ALONE. I want to do something about that. If you do too, please consider supporting my fundraising effort by visiting my team page at