I think I need a new theme. Finally started to dig into the CSS and HTML of this Sandbox theme and am noticing a lot of DIV based layout. Now I’m trying to decide just how much learning I want to do in here. I could get into all of the actual PHP files in the theme and start altering the way they are coded. I’ve done that with other themes and it is definitely a great way to get real familiar with WordPress real quick. Given the new version and the fact that I’ve had little experience with Parent-Child Theming* thus far in my life, I might get to reading and go that route, or I could just start stripping down to the barebones and build back up.

Given that I’m doing more and more real work that leverages WordPress, I’m inclined to go the Parent-Child route and to experiment with multi-blog serving on WordPress 3.0, conditional theming and platform targeting. I suppose one of the benefits of starting so simple is that reverting is no big deal.

I think I’ll poke around a bit, before I do anything else which means the super simple utilitarian look may be here for a bit more.

*Brief article by Ian Stewart with some great starting points here: http://themeshaper.com/functions-php-wordpress-child-themes/