Our first event of the year was a smashing success.The theme for the night was Show and Tell. We featured multiple presenters given 10-15 minute talks about their favorite tools and techniques.

Attendance was great and the presentation format was very well received. I think this is due in large part to some great content that, while well within the interests of the group, covered a decent range of topics.

I kicked things off with an overview of one of my tools for remote debugging and analysis, Charles Proxy (http://www.charlesproxy.com/). Charles has some great features that allow you to observe and manipulate HTTP requests and responses. My favorite features are it’s ability to mirror content to a local directory while browsing a site, along with Charles great throttling and remapping features. The demo is well worth checking out for anyone that is interested in tinkering with server traffic without the learning curve off messing with network config files.


My co-organizer Mark Rickmeier presented some of his favorite applications from the ever-evolving landscape of mobile prototyping tools. There are new tools coming to market regularly so depending on your needs, you have lots of options. My favorite of the tools he showed is POP (https://popapp.in) which is a tool the allows you to sketch on paper and then to capture your sketch and add interactivity on your mobile device.

Adam McCrimmon covered old school, low budget prototyping with PDF files. He aptly pointed out that since a lot of folks are already
producing PDFs to present to clients, the barrier to providing at least rudimentary prototypes is pretty much non-existent. This was a reprise of a presentation he gave at Prototype Camp in Chicago. He has posted some resources here http://amccrim.com/protopdf

Mike Gibson from Table XI, who currently holds the #1 spot on my list of favorite presenters cover the Autoprefixer tool for parsing CSS and adding vendor prefixes based on Can I Use data. Check that out on Github – https://github.com/ai/autoprefixer

Matt Wagner also from Table XI, shared some tools and techniques for keeping remote teams working together smoothly including one of my favorite new tools Screen Hero (http://screenhero.com/) and the new multi-user chat client Slack (https://slack.com/)

Our last speaker of the night, Andy Richardson from Kohactive introduced Middleman (http://middlemanapp.com/) a tool for outputting static sites from modern templated front-end coding tools.

Big thanks to Zach Schneider for live tweeting. He posted recap at http://bitly.com/bundles/zachschneider/7