Last Fall I had the great pleasure of attending Adobe CQ5 developer training in McClean, VA. After years spent, unfunking hulking, bloated, years old web sites poorly built on portal platforms by backoffice software engineers, it was really eye opening to see where the CMS has got to and the product strategy that is unfolding at Adobe. There are some CMS staples in the DNA of CQ5, but it’s completely apparent that the platform has been written from the ground up to be a content-centric delivery mechanism.

As for the new label, Client Engagement Platform might sound like pure marketing bs, but given that Adobe has paired their acquisitions Omniture and Day in a single product group, it’s actually not far from the reality.

CQ5 has the ability to deliver targeted and personalized content on the fly in a way that we dreamed about years ago, but was never technically feasible with the legacy technologies available to us. Now we’ve got volumes of user data coming along with a visitor. Data that we can continue to refine as a user clicks, scrolls and hovers. With that we can target content specifically to that user with no login and no stored personalization while they are looking at the page! And unlike portal systems of the past it doesn’t take the page 10 minutes to render.

There are some key technologies that enable this that can be described as “Enterprise Open-Source” including standards-based JCR, Sling and OSGi.

CQ5 Architecture

Gotta run for the train. More to come.