My first ultra relay was a blast. I’m definitely not feeling my best right now, but I’m quite pleased with myself for knocking out 33.8 miles of running with a team that finished the 196 mile relay in 31 hours. It was a great team effort and the whole experience was awesome.

I’m really grateful for my prior captaining experience and the planning I was able to do based on past Ragnars. The van was well stocked with water, Vitamin Water and Gatorade, we had a good amount of snacks and the tailgate grill & camp coffee setup were priceless additions.

The pop-up changing/shower tents worked out super well. I kept the stink off and didn’t get any major rashes.

If I had one thing to change, it would have been to train up to the full mileage. I was training on 3 X 10 miles as my last long runs. My actual legs were 12.6, 11.8 and 9.4. I went with the mentality of training up close to target distance but not quiet and that just didn’t work for the relay. Net time I ultra, I’ll definitely put some more mileage in my training plan.


Howdy Folks! I put together this handing list of Google Maps links with the GPS coordinates from the Rag Mag. I hope they come in handy for those of you that can actually get phone signal in rural Wisconsin. 🙂
Exchange 1
Exchange 2
Exchange 3
Exchange 4
Exchange 5
Exchange 6
Exchange 7
Exchange 8
Exchange 9
Exchange 10
Exchange 11
Exchange 12
Exchange 13
Exchange 14
Exchange 15
Exchange 16
Exchange 17
Exchange 18
Exchange 19
Exchange 20
Exchange 21
Exchange 22
Exchange 23
Exchange 24
Exchange 25
Exchange 26
Exchange 27
Exchange 28
Exchange 29
Exchange 30
Exchange 31
Exchange 32
Exchange 33
Exchange 34
Exchange 35