My dad and I are both avid sci-fi readers. Over the years we’ve had many conversations about future tech, including medicine. This video below brings to mind a particular conversation we had probably 15 years ago. We both had recently read a futurist article with the premise that (at the time) if you could manage to live another 25 years, chances are pretty good you’re going to live another 100 or more. Watching this video pulled that conversation straight up out of my long term mental storage, sent a chill up my spine and choked me up more than a little (even before the doc at the end). I’ve grown up on futurist thinking. A LOT of futurist thinking. I love space opera and the premise of an enlightened humanity spreading across the Milky Way, but more and more I find myself attaching credibility to the dystopian stuff. The dark ages, end of the world stuff.

When I was a kid, I was all about Star Trek and any storytelling where we as human beings can build tools to solve any problem including but not limited to immortality. All that space age stuff. Now, I’m weary and pessimistic. Maybe this touched me today because I’ve been absolutely gutted by the news of Iain Banks’ impending demise. Maybe watching this makes that seem like all the more of a complete travesty of universal justice. It pains me that a man with such an amazing view of the technological future of humanity is mere months away from being so utterly failed by our present.

But I gotta say. All the sadness I can muster can’t diminish this. Buckle up folks. Whether we can manage to look up from our mundane squabbling and notice or not, I think shit is about to get real interesting.

Fire With Fire | Ross Kauffman from Focus Forward Films on Vimeo.