This week, I had my first knowledge sharing session with my digital teammates at HY Connect. I presented a high-level overview of all the things I like to pay attention to during the course of a project.  I was gathering a list of resources to email to the team and figured  it might be worthwhile to share here on the blog as well. This is by no means comprehensive, but represents what I feel is a good spread of the various aspects of a build where the development team can help drive quality.


XScope App

Measuring pixels, checking folds and testing common visual impairments


Shrinks PNG files with magic!


Shrink images by removing meta data and other software and OS file cruft


Screenshots for quick crossbrowser testing of pages and emails


These are the standards. They are deep, but worth getting to know. In 2012, the Justice Department began planning for incorporating UI accessibility into the ADA.

WCAG 2.0: Web Content Accessibility Guidelines

ARIA 1.0: Accessible Rich Internet Applications

The list of litigation is growing, so I would expect to continue to see a growing interest in accessibility compliance.

Target Settles Accessibility Lawsuit for $6 Million

Accessibility Lawsuit Filed Against JetBlue Airways

List of several cases


Google Speed Labs

Yahoo YSlow!

Great browser plugin for grading site performance and best practices documentation

Performance thought leaders

Tom Hughes-Croucher

His presentations are great. I would jump at the chance to be in any conference session he is presenting.

Steve Souders

A bit more technical, but worth following for insight into tools, evidence and interesting real world testing.




Probably the single best resource on the web.

Search Engine Land


SEO thought leaders

Eric Enge

Stephan Spencer

Rand Fishkin

Jessie Stricchiola

Matt Cutts

Semantic Microformatting


These are documentation of the Open Graph meta data to turn content into social objects