Man. Long neglected blog once again. Really, really need to tone down the Facebooking and come here more often for no other reason than producing some longer form prose that is more than the bitchy work e-mails I crank out all day long. I kid. Sort of. I don’t write nearly enough anymore.

This mid-June entry has me done with the Chicagoland Spring Marathon, the 2011 Chicago Ragnar Relay and closing in on 2 months of maintaining a (mostly) vegan diet.

I’m glad to have completed two huge milestones in my running this Spring. The marathon in May was my second in less than 9 months. The Ragnar was my first and hopefully not last. As I approach my 40th, I’m really glad to have running as an outlet to prove to myself that I’m not dead yet and that I can still do some crazy ass shit that most people can only dream of. As I learned this weekend, there is also a lot of humbling stuff that I will never ever ┬ábe able to do. Like run the Ragnar with only 4 other teammates in pink tutus.

With those two runs behind me, and some very sore feet on the ground, I’m taking a break. I’m gonna recover for a few more days and then I plan to focus on my yoga practice with swimming, rowing and biking to keep my cardio training up. I plan on getting my core strength way up over the next couple 6-8 weeks and then starting back on race training for the Chicago Marathon in late July. Which seems far away, but is not.